The Battle for…What?

What, specifically, are the two contingents of Heaven and Hell battling for?

Book 6 of Paradise Lost saw the first two days of battle between Heaven’s angels and Hell’s fallen angels. War has begun, but the question that plagues me is the motivation for this battle. God, Christ, and Heaven’s angels have the motive of protecting Adam and Eve on Earth from Satan and Hell’s influence. The angels want to prevent God’s creations from dooming mankind by eating the forbidden fruit. Yet, the motivation for Satan and his crew is unclear.

Satan was not God’s right hand man up in Heaven; that position clearly goes to Christ. Therefore, why would Satan seek to regain his status in Heaven? In Hell, Satan is essentially the king. He can rule however he pleases. He does not have to answer to anyone in Hell, and Satan fighting a war with Heaven will not affect his status of power in Hell. So, the question persists, why fight if he is not fighting to regain his power in Heaven

Revenge for his and his crew’s damnation is a potential motivation. Satan and his crew are still angry that they were banished to the depths of Hell and had to start over again essentially. Yet, is revenge enough of a motivator for an all-out war to begin? What are your thoughts on this battle between Heaven and Hell?

Hopefully, we will receive some more clarity in Book 7, but knowing Milton, we may not ever find out.