Book 1 Lines 588-621

Reading of the following lines.

…yet observ’d
Thir dread commander: he above the rest
In shape and gesture proudly eminent [590]
Stood like a Tow’r;
his form had yet not lost
All her Original brightness,
nor appear’d
Less than Arch-Angel ruin’d, and th’ excess
Of Glory obscur’d: As when the Sun new ris’n
Looks through the Horizontal misty Air, [595]
Shorn of his Beams, or from behind the Moon
In dim Eclipse disastrous twilight sheds
On half the Nations, and with fear of change
Perplexes Monarchs. Dark’n’d so, yet shone
Above them all th’ Arch-Angel:
but his face [600]
Deep scars of Thunder had intrencht, and care
Sat on his faded cheek, but under Brows
Of dauntless courage,
and considerate Pride
Waiting revenge: cruel his eye, but cast
Signs of remorse and passion
to behold [605]
The fellows of his crime, the followers rather
(Far other once beheld in bliss) condemn’d
For ever now to have thir lot in pain,
Millions of Spirits for his fault amerc’t
Of Heav’n, and from Eternal Splendors flung [610]
For his revolt, yet faithful how they stood,
Thir Glory wither’d. As when Heaven’s Fire
Hath scath’d the Forest Oaks, or Mountain Pines,
With singed top thir stately growth though bare
Stands on the blasted Heath. He now prepar’d [615]
To speak; whereat thir doubl’d Ranks they bend
From wing to wing, and half enclose him round
With all his Peers: attention held them mute.
Thrice he assay’d, and thrice in spite of scorn,
Tears such as Angels weep, burst forth:
at last [620]
Words interwove with sighs found out thir way.