Book 9 Lines 99-134

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O Earth, how like to Heav’n, if not preferred
More justly, Seat worthier of Gods, as built
With second thoughts, reforming what was old!
For what God after better worse would build?
Terrestrial Heav’n, danc’t round by other Heav’ns
That shine, yet bear thir bright officious Lamps,
Light above Light, for thee alone, as seems,                                                       [105]
In thee concentrating all thir precious beams
Of sacred influence: As got in Heav’n
Is Centre, yet extends to all, so thou
Centring receiv’st from all those Orbs; in thee,
Not in themselves, all thir known virtue appears                                              [110]
Productive in Herb, Plant, and nobler birth
Of Creatures animate with gradual life
Of Growth, Sense, Reason, all summ’d up in Man.
With what delight could I have walkt thee round,
If I could joy in aught, sweet interchange                                                           [115]
Of Hill and Valley, Rivers, Woods and Plains,
Now Land, now Sea, and Shores with Forest crown’d,
Rocks, Dens, and Caves; but I in none of these
Find place or refuge; and the more I see
Pleasures about me, so much more I feel                                                            [120]
Torment within me, as from the hateful siege
Of contraries; all good to me becomes
Bane, and in Heav’n much worse would be my state.
But neither here seek I, no nor in Heav’n
To dwell, unless by maistring Heav’n’s Supreme;                                             [125]
Nor hope to be myself less miserable
By what I seek, but others to make such
As I, though thereby worse to me redound:
For only in destroying I find ease [/]
To my relentless thoughts: and him destroy’d,                                          [130]
Or won to what may work his utter loss,
For whom all this was made, all this will soon
Follow, as to him linkt in weal or woe,
In woe then: that destruction wide may range:

Credits (UA EN 335 Spring 2013)
Passage read by William Mason

Lines 99-100 Jake Boyd and Courtney Fair
Lines 129-30 Julia Caldwell, Anthony Harper and Wesley Wyatt (click on 129 to hear) AND
Lines 129-30 Matthew McGee and Steve Spellman (click on 130 to hear)

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